LANTAP-10 PRIMUS EPIC Kit Accessories and Parts

Here we provide cables, connectors and other accessories for the LANTAP-10 PRIMUS EPIC LAN Interface Kit.  These are both convenient and reasonably priced for hard to find parts lost due to wear and tear.  We also have new parts such as an extender kit to improve the reach of your LANTAP.

These parts are in stock and can ship the same day if the order is placed before 1 P.M. Arizona Time (GMT-7).  (AZ doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time)

These parts can contribute to the ease of use and help to extend the lifetime of the part.

Did you know that ICS no longer recommends the use of USB 2.0 cables?  This is because of the limit the older cables have in the amount of current they can deliver.  So in some cases the older cables can damage older LANTAP kits.  We offer a USB 3.0 cable now in our replacement kit that can help even older LANTAP’s live longer.

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Showing all 3 results